Evian Resort: A French Experience !

I have just returned from a thermal experience in Evian. I enjoyed a 2-day thalassotherapy spa while staying at the Hôtel Ermitage. Many great impressions and a few not so great…

Ermitage, one of the 2 Evian Resort hotels near the lake.

Here is the brighter side of France: French-style, class and elegance are unique! These exceptional qualities are especially evident in hotels. I discovered the Evian resort last weekend during a family reunion. This Danone Group owned site (such as Evian water), comprises 6 sites located throughout the city of Evian: The impressive Evian Golf Course (now host to the exclusive high ranking women’s Pro Circuit Golf Championship), the Golf Academy and its training areas, Evian’s Thermal Spa and Baths, the Casino and finally, Evian’s two hotels: The Royal Hotel, the Group’s flagship (now under renovation; reopening foreseen for summer 2015) and the Hôtel Ermitage.

Hotel Royal near the Leman Lake. 40 minutes by car from Geneva.

I spent 2 days at the Hôtel Ermitage, 400 meters away from the Royal Hotel. Both hotels also share the same park (and probably the same gardeners, too). The Hôtel Ermitage is a 4 star hotel, completely renovated in 2012. Yes, this is really the brighter side of France! The beautifully landscaped Ermitage garden is a journey unto itself. The gardeners here are absolute artists. Reverie and surprises are tucked away, perfectly delightful down to the smallest details. Hours could be spent dreaming in the park, but I have an appointment at the Spa.

There’s even more at the Spa: Gorgeously renovated and a warm welcome from an impeccable staff. Here I go, ready for hand and foot beauty treatments. And here’s the rub (in the true sense). Good-looking and well-educated beauticians are, unfortunately relatively unexperienced. Why have such junior staff when offering such upscale services? EUR 80, or nearly CHF 100 is charged for foot beauty treatment (more expensive than it is in Switzerland). One of us shall end up bleeding from around a toe nail too “harshly” cleaned. Another person shall see there well painted nails massacred by her shoes, despite 2 hours drying time in the open air… I complained about this and fortunately the costs of these treatments would not be charged with apologies from the direction and glasses of champagne offered in the room.

It was my pleasure to savour Evian’s Thermal Spa care and treatment. Everything is new, quiet and modern. The boutique displays the two house specialities: Golf and Spa. Everything here is “trendy.” It reflects Evian’s excellent marketing power. And most important: The Thermal Spa’s staff are senior and highly qualified.

This Evian Resort experience inspires me to note: The ideal situation for me would be a French hotel for its great taste, class and elegance staffed by Swiss, who are well appreciated for their training and unparalleled service.

Evian Thermal Spa, renoved in 2012

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